Farmers welcome documents showing sea eagles do kill healthy lambs


There are currently thought to be around 130 breeding pairs, with many more juvenile birds as they do not pair up until they are five or six years old.

Andrew McCornick, president of the farmers’ union in Scotland, welcomed the publication and called for enhanced efforts to protect livestock as the numbers rise.

He added: “For some of our farming and crofting members on the west coast of Scotland, predation by white-tailed eagles of lambs and, in some cases, adult sheep, is an unwelcome threat to their future viability.

“For a long time, the impression has been given that only weak or dead lambs are subject to white tailed eagle predation.

“Recognition that predation includes healthy sheep and lambs vindicates what many farmers and crofters affected by white tailed eagles have been saying for some considerable time.

“It is clear to me that [this] predation could have a serious impact on the sustainability of hefted hill flocks on some farms and crofts.”


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