Fashion Nova mocked for selling VERY booby red Latex playsuit which looks like a ‘Twizzler’


ALTHOUGH there’s no denying playsuits play a key part in our summer wardrobes every year, they’re by no means the most practical items we own.

But while we’ve all experienced that awkward struggle to wiggle out of our favourite romper at the end of the night, one brand has taken matters to new extremes by adding LATEX into the equation.


Would YOU dare to wear this plunging playsuit?[/caption]

  • Latex Biker Romper, £31 from Fashion Nova – buy now

That’s right, American brand Fashion Nova is selling a red skin-tight playsuit for £31.

Complete with a VERY low V-neck cut which reaches all the way down to the waist, this outrageous item even has a zip-up to the belly button.

And if that wasn’t confusing enough, Fashion Nova has even named the bonkers item “On With Your Bad Self Latex Biker Romper”.

Unsurprisingly, fashion fans have been left equally baffled by the outrageous latex playsuit.


Unimpressed fans have said it looks ‘like a Twizzler’[/caption]

One user likened it to a red strawberry Twizzler
Another couldn’t wrap their head around ‘how you pee in this’

Commenting on the brand’s Instagram page, one user wrote: “Looking like a Twizzler.”

You know, the delightful American liquorice straws that look like a little bit like strawberry sherbet straws.

Asking all the hard-hitting questions, another mused: “How do you pee in this?”

Probably with great difficulty, we imagine.

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