Female army veteran, 25, boasts America has the ‘best gun laws in the world’ as she poses with assault rifles for her 500,000 Instagram fans


A FEMALE army vet known as the ‘Queen of Guns’ has claimed the US has the “best gun laws in the world”.

Orin Julie, 25, who has served in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has amassed 585,000 Instagram followers due to a series of pictures showing her in skimpy outfits while holding a variety of weapons including machine guns, rifles and pistols.

Orin Julie says she loves the thrill of firing a big weapon
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Julie is a big advocate of gun ownership
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Julie believes the US needs to have armed security in schools
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Julie, divides her time between her home in Ramat Gan, Israel and the US and thinks Americans should “appreciate and protect” their gun rights.

Controversially she said: “America needs to have armed security in schools.

“America should allow trained and qualified school staff to carry their personal firearm on campuses and also to invest more in police training and in private security.”

She added: “We all need to learn how to defend ourselves.’

Julie also claimed she gets “huge excitements” when she fires a weapon.

The pro-gun supporter has also set up a group called the Alpha Gun Angels to promote the international gun community.


Julie joined the IDF when she was 18 and became hooked on firearms from the beginning.

She said: “From the first shot, I knew this is the greatest love of my life.”

But when she first signed up she was disappointed when she was given an office role.

She added: “I wanted to serve in a combat role. When I was given a desk job instead, I fought the system and did everything I needed in order to move to a combat role.”

Her persistence paid off and after one year of being called up she joined the IDF search and rescue unit.

Julie said: “I wanted to give everything. I was the first woman to serve as communication sergeant in the front squad of the battalion commander.”

After serving for three years and two months she now has a role as a reserve in the Sword battalion when she’s not promoting the IDF on social media and giving lectures to young girls about her military experience.

Julie said: “I love the IDF. I truly believe it’s the most humane army in the world. We train hard. We are one of the strongest armies in the world.”


She claimed she always feels safe when she’s armed, saying: “When I carry I feel safe, and I know I can defend my family and people around me.”

Julie certainly seems to know her guns and has a long list of favourites.

Her pistol of choice is Canik’s TP9 and she also has a list of fantasy firearms which include: “Kriss vector 9mm, M60, X95 and MZ-47… the list is very long!”

She also has a soft spot for the Wildey .475 Magnum, which is used by Charles Bronson’s character Paul Kersey in the 1985 Hollywood thriller Death Wish 3.

While she admits to spending hours working out, she still loves going and shooting with firearms.

She said: “I can’t explain it. This is thing that I love to do the most.

“It just makes me really focused, and it gets me so many new skills.”

Julie added: “This feeling is irreplaceable. All my energy is concentrated for a moment. I pull the trigger – huge excitements every single time.”

Teachers carrying guns – the issues

The question of teachers in the US being able to carry concealed weapons is currently being widely debated.

The issue has arisen over the shocking number of shootings on campus combined with the country’s second amendment about the right to bear arms which is seen as basic right, enshrined in the constitution.

In 2018, Education Week, a journal covering education in the US, recorded 23 incidents where there was someone either killed or injured.

That figure equates to a shooting every eight school days.

Currently a number of schools are opting to train staff to use and carry weapons while in the classroom.

US President Trump has given his support, and US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has said she’s considering allowing schools to use federal funds to purchase guns.

A safety panel set up by Trump recommended that schools consider arming staff, using veterans as guards.

The vet also finds time to spread the word about what she says is responsible gun ownership, controversially saying it leads to a “safer world”.

“Gun culture is very important for me.

“I always promote the professional way for a safer world.”

Julie was in the IDF for more than three years
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She said she got a ‘huge excitement’ from firing weapons
Jam Press
Julie has amassed 585,000 followers on Instagram
Jam Press
Julie said she thought the IDF was one of the most ‘humane’ armies in the world
Jam Press
Julie also gives lectures to girls about her experiences
Jam Press
Julie initially had a desk job with the IDF but joined the search and rescue unit
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