Female swingers more likely to use recreational drugs to boost their sex lives, experts find


MORE than half of female swingers use recreational drugs to boost their sex lives, the first study of its kind reveals.

The research, involving more than 1,000 adults with multiple partners, asked whether they dabbled with chemical stimulants in the bedroom.

Female swingers were the keenest to mix drugs with pleasure, with 51 per cent admitting to using illegal drugs to improve their love lives
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Mixing drugs with pleasure

Experts found women were the keenest to mix drugs with pleasure, with 51 per cent of female swingers admitting using illegal substances to improve their love loves.

It compares to 39 per cent of straight men, and 44 per cent of bisexual fellas.

Nearly all described drug-taking when hooking up as pleasurable and two in three said it enhanced intimacy.

Only one in seven thought the practice was “dangerous”.

STI warning

But researchers warned users were much less likely to have safe sex – putting them at increased risk of infections.

Nearly half of women on drugs had unprotected vaginal intercourse.

Lead researcher Ymke Evers, from South Limber Public Health Service, in the Netherlands, said: “This study among a large group of swingers shows that drug use during sex is highly prevalent.

“Sexual health clinics should discuss drug use during sex among swingers and provide information on safe sex and drug use, while acknowledging the perceived benefits, such as the increased quality of sex.”

Better sex

The study, involving 1,005 Dutch swingers, is published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

It found the most popular sex-boosting drug was ecstasy, followed by GHB and laughing gas.

Among the wider public, men are more likely to use illegal highs.

One possible reason why women were more likely to take drugs when swinging was to increase arousal and make intercourse easier.

Sexual health consultant Dr Peter Greenhouse said the findings should be taken seriously.

He said: “This will be happening in the same groups in the UK. The concern is that if you are out of your head on drugs, you are less likely to practise safe sex.

“It provides a way for STIs to move between different groups of people.

“The plea would be that if you are going to swing, then try and use a condom. But if not, at least get a check-up afterwards.”

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