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Finally SOMEBODY talks sense! Swiss economist tells EU to forget about UK paying bill


In the event of a no deal Brexit the EU must remember the sacrifices that Britain took to help Europe in the past, professor Mauro Baranzini of Oxford University has argued. The EU has demanded Britain payback £32.9billion as part of a post-Brexit divorce bill to cover costs already agreed before the UK departed the bloc. In the withdrawal agreement signed by Boris Johnson it is officially referred to as the “financial settlement”.

However Swiss academic prof Baranzini has tasked EU leaders to remember the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of British soldiers sent to liberate Europe during World War 2.

The Swiss economist said: “If there’s a hard Brexit, the EU can forget about the money the UK is supposed to return.”

“The EU forget that in the Second World War, the only nation that opposed Hitler from 1939 to 1941 was Churchill’s United Kingdom.

“The British lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers to liberate Europe.

“And if it comes to a hard Brexit, the European Union will have to forget about the 40 billion reimbursements that the EU has imposed on the United Kingdom to exit.”

The economist also suggested that German industrial lobbyists where concerned over a hard Brexit.

German manufacturing would be keen to avoid a hard Brexit as their exports to the UK would be affected meaning a loss of a possible “1 to 1.5 million jobs” in Germany.

He said: “The UK trade balance is negative with the European Union.

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The economist spoke of how the Swiss cantons closest to its borders with the EU were most affected by freedom of movement.

He said: “From 2010 to 2018, the median wage went from 87 percent of the Swiss one to 82 percent.

“A significant drop.”


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