First sand martin chicks born after council forced to remove nets from cliffs 


The first sand martin chicks have been born at Bacton Sands in Norfolk after a campaign forced the local council to remove netting obstructing their nests.

Earlier this spring, nature lovers were shocked to see that the hundreds of nests lining the cliffs had been covered in netting, as birds which had flown thousands of miles from Africa pecked confusedly at the material.

Videos posted by birdwatchers online showed the birds sitting on the netting and fruitlessly pecking at it as they try to return to the nooks and crannies they call home.

After a campaign supported by The Telegraph, North Norfolk District Council removed much of the netting, and the birds rapidly began to nest.

Now, evidence of the first chicks to be born has been discovered by sharp-eyed local Margaret Wilcox, who began the campaign and has been monitoring the animals ever since.


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