Flood warnings issued for the Midlands, as overflowing rivers see fish swim into gym


Flood warnings remained in place for the Midlands this morning as water poured into a gym on Sunday night, with reports of fish seen swimming by staff. 

The Y Club, in Castlefield, Manchester, was forced to close after the gym, which is located opposite a canal, flooded on Sunday night. 

Staff remained onsite at the gym, throughout the evening with water levels reaching up to five inches.

Reece Samuels, fitness manager at Y Club, said that some people “saw fish swimming in the water at the gym”.

The 28-year-old told Manchester Evening News reporter Rebecca Day: “Overnight with the bad weather that we’ve had, the heavy rain, it’s ended up flowing straight over and in to the pool.  

“It is pretty bad, we don’t know what damage it’s caused yet but we’re just working on trying to get as much water out of it as we can and trying to do our best to get the gym back up and running.”

He admitted he himself hadn’t seen any fish himself but “you can see bubbles and stuff”.  

Mr Samuels praised staff at the gym. He said: “There’s people that haven’t even slept trying to get the place up and running.”  


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