Home News Florida man accused of drunkenly smashing yacht into other boats

Florida man accused of drunkenly smashing yacht into other boats

His yacht was a weapon of mast destruction.

A drunken Florida man who was trying to dock his 40-foot boat at a Sarasota marine pulled a “whiskey throttle” instead, sending the luxury craft crashing into several other vessels, the Herald-Tribune reported.

Brendan Corey Sheridan, 32, was wearing a “disarranged” T-shirt, shorts and sandals as he placed his hands behind his back and refused field sobriety tests by a marine patrol officer, the arrest report states.

He said he was trying to dock but caught a wind that blew him into other boats on Saturday – but police said the amount of damage was inconsistent with getting blown into another boat.

Sheridan also told officers he had more than 100 hours operating the yacht, which he said he had more than 100 hours operating on.

Michaela Jean Larson, 46, who lives near Sheridan and was a passenger on the ill-fated yacht, told police she was going to help him tie the boat off but noticed he was going to hit the dock and called out to him.

“Sheridan then just gassed the vessel hard,” she said, according to the report.

Sheridan was charged with four misdemeanor counts of boating under the influence with property damage and released on $2,000 bail.

His two Breathalyzer tests registered 0.185 and 0.180 percent – more than 2.3 times the level at which a person is considered impaired.


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