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‘Fly the flag for the UK!’ Boris Johnson’s plan for RAF plane rebrand backed in poll


Under the proposal, the aircraft will be rebranded to better represent the UK around the world. The plane is also used by the Royal Family on certain trips and is housed in Cambridgeshire. At the some of almost £1million, Express.co.uk asked readers, ‘Is £900k on RAF plane’s Union Jack paint job a good use of taxpayer money?’

Responding to the online poll, 3,206 people (67 percent) out of 4,729 responded that it was a good idea.

A further 1,478 said it was not a good idea while 45 were not sure.

One person said: “It’s ‘Flying the Flag’ (pun intended), for Great Britain, a soon to be great trading nation in its own right.

“Not just a member of some disparate conglomeration of EU states.”

Another said: “Far cheaper than one days EU membership fees, so why complain.”

A third said: “It’s all part of the new dynamic and enthusiastic UK, unshackled from the dull and stifling life within the EU.”

A fourth said: “Leaving the rotten EU and going out to the big wider world, yes I agree well worth the money.

“Be proud and not reliant on ‘club’.”

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“We are facing the biggest crisis in generations but Boris is concerned with the colours of his plane.

“Can he pay for this, rather than bill the taxpayer?”

Labour MP for Rhondda, Chris Bryant claimed those in financial hardship would question why the money was being spent on the RAF plane.

He said: “People who are on furlough in my constituency and are terrified they are going to lose their jobs will be wondering why on earth this is a priority.”

Although some criticised the move, the Government insisted all the work would benefit UK suppliers.

The plane was re-purposed for use by the UK Government in 2015.

In doing so, the Government spent £10million.

It was used for the first time by David Cameron on his trip to the NATO summit in Poland in 2016.

Initially, the Government stated it would stop the cost of chartering flights which was estimated at £775,000.

This poll was published at 9.49am on June 18 and closed at 6.45pm.


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