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Food poisoning symptoms: How quickly does food poisoning set in?

The most common cause of food poisoning is campylobacter bacteria, closely followed by salmonella bacteria, E Coli bacteria, and norovirus.

Campylobacter is found in the gut of animals and birds, and you will often catch it through contaminated shellfish and mushrooms or an infected pet.

Salmonella is mainly found in foods such as beef, chicken, eggs, cucumbers, melon, pistachios, tuna, sprouts, and other foods.

E. coli infections normally happen when you eat contaminated ground feed, unpasteurised milk, or fresh produce such as vegetables.

Sometimes you get E. coli infections through water contaminated with human and animal stool, or it is spread from person to person.

Norovirus is spread through close contract, touching surfaces, or through eating food that has been prepared or handled by someone with the virus.


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