Four in five UK airports increase 'kiss and fly' charges, according to study


The majority of major UK airports have ramped up their “kiss and fly” charges for drivers dropping off or collecting people this summer, according to a study.

Eighteen of the 22 airports analysed by the RAC have introduced or raised drop-off fees.

So-called kiss and fly charges – typically levied for dropping off someone as close to the terminal as possible – have increased at eight airports compared with last year.

Stansted and Luton have the most expensive initial charges at £4 for 10 minutes and 13 minutes respectively.

Manchester, the third busiest airport in the UK, charges the most per minute with drivers getting just five minutes for £3.

East Midlands, Birmingham, Doncaster-Sheffield and Newcastle all added a pound to their minimum dropping off charges.

Six airports continue to provide free drop-off facilities, including the largest in the country – Heathrow and Gatwick.

Many airports offer short-term car parks for pick-ups so drivers can leave their vehicles and greet their passengers at the arrivals area.

Stansted hiked its prices for this type of parking the most, with a £2.50 rise to £8 for half an hour. This brings it level with Luton for the most expensive pick-up fee.

Birmingham is the third costliest at £5.50 for an hour.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said motorists dropping off or collecting family or friends are “often left wincing” at the prices charged.

A spokesman for the Airport Operators Association said: “Airports that operate drop-off charges directly outside the terminal do so for a number of different reasons, including to manage congestion in capacity-restricted areas and to limit the environmental and air quality impacts of kiss and fly journeys.”


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