Four sweltering dogs found tied to cars for hours in 25C while owners went to Sea World… with one pooch left with a KFC bucket meal


FOUR dogs were left hiding in the shade under cars to escape the sweltering 25C heat after their owners went to Sea World.

One of the dogs was left with a half-eaten KFC zinger burger and chips for two hours in the sun on the Gold Coast in Australia last Sunday.

 Four dogs were left cowering under a car to try and escape the 25C heat as their owners went to Sea World
Source unknown
Source unknown

A woman who walked past the dog in the midday heat alerted a security guard because “it’s not right”.

She told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “How can anyone do this?

“I know it’s not an extremely hot day today but the dog has been left on the hot tar.

“It’s clearly trying to escape the heat by getting shade from underneath the car.”

Temperatures hit highs of 24.4C on the Gold Coast Seaway on Sunday.

One dog left outside, a poodle, was given a Dora the Explorer blanker, a bowl of dry dog food and water in a paper container.

Security at the park managed to get in touch with its owners but the family couldn’t collect the dog for another 30 minutes while they were still inside.

It was the fourth dog to be left behind in the car park on Sunday.

Another dog was left in the back of a pickup truck for more than three hours, but the owner drove off before security staff could confront them.

A Sea World spokesman said: “This is not something which happens regularly at our theme parks.

“Our team are trained to call the RSPCA or emergency services if they spot an animal in distress in our car parks.”

The RSPCA encourages pet owners to leave their dog with shade, shelter and access to water.

Its owners left it with a Dora the Explorer blanket and a half-eaten KFC meal
Source unknown

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