Free bus pass age: People in England wait longer than rest of UK amid state pension change


Travelling around the community for free is something which those who qualify for an older person’s bus pass are able to do. However, depending on where an individual lives, the rules for when one is eligible differ. In England, for instance, a person get get a bus pass for free travel when they reach the female state pension age. This is whether the applicant is a man or a woman.

The state pension age for women has risen in recent years, and now, the state pension age for both men and women is rising.

Previously, the state pension age for women was 60, while it was 65 for men.

State pension age parity was reached last year, in November, when it became 65 for both sexes.

Now, the state pension age is increasing again.

There are some areas where a person will still be able to travel on public transport for free, despite not having reached the state pension age for women.

Those who live in London, for example, are able to travel free on buses, tubes and other transport once they reach their 60th birthday – although the website does mention an administration fee and a yearly address check and fee for 60+ London Oyster photocard.

The free travel on these forms of transport are for use only within London.

If a person lives in Wales, then they can get a bus pass when one reaches 60.

The “Apply for an older person’s bus pass” section government website suggests a person enter their postcode into an online tool, in order to find out if they can apply for a bus pass from the local council, or to check to see if the user can in fact get a bus pass sooner.

Meanwhile, people who live in Scotland or Northern Ireland can get an older person’s bus pass when they’re 60.

It’s possible to check what one’s state pension age is online, on the government website.

The “Check your State Pension age” tool is a service which tells people when they’ll reach state pension age, as well as what their Pension Credit qualifying age is.

It also lets the user find out when they’ll be eligible for free bus travel.

In order to check these details, users should enter their date of birth.

They should then click to say whether they’re classed as a man or a woman.

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