French MPs given police protection after spate of office attacks


Many of the attacks were blamed on farmers furious that Mr Macron had championed the controversial EU-Canada trade deal despite fierce opposition from unions and Left-wing opposition parties.

Farmers fear the agreement will lead to France being flooded with low-cost Canadian farm produce, bringing down prices and demand for domestic produce.

Only 26 per cent of French voters support the deal, a poll on Monday suggested. Critics have accused Mr Macron of bulldozing it through parliament, saying MPs voted against public opinion, the environment and future generations. The government argues that the agreement contains sufficient guarantees to safeguard French farmers and consumers.

France’s notoriously militant farmers have a tradition of underscoring their demands by dumping farm waste of produce outside government buildings or politicians’ offices.

Aurore Bergé, an MP and spokeswoman for Mr Macron’s party, said: “We cannot live in fear that out offices will be pillaged or our homes targeted because of our votes. The votes of elected representatives cannot be constrained by force.” 


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