Friday the 13th 2019: How cyclones, asteroids and a Buckingham Palace bombing have fed the superstition


Friday the 13th, the supposedly unluckiest day of the year, is slowly creeping up on us, with many Britons fearing what the day entails.

From walking under ladders and breaking mirrors to putting new shoes on a table and finding a lone magpie, we Britons are aware of several eerie superstitions and in recent years, Friday the 13th has become a superstition in itself.

But why is the day thought to bring bad luck and how have the origins led to the increase in paranoia? Here is everything you need to know about the unlucky calendar date including what to avoid and the perks you can enjoy if you’re willing to take a risk.

How often does Friday the 13th occur each year?

Friday the 13th occurs at…


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