From sandals to stylish sliders, our test reveals which summer shoes are kindest to feet


THE warm weather has us wanting to slip our feet into something more comfortable. But while flat, summery shoes such as sandals and sliders may look like the kindest option for your feet, don’t be fooled, as they can be the most painful offenders.

ABBY McHALE gave popular flats a spin, and rated them out of ten for comfort.

Abby tests out which summer shoes are the kindest to our feet


Day 1

White sliders
These white sliders were too rigid to be comfortable
  • White sliders, £55, from Office – buy here

I THOUGHT I’d ease myself into this week with a pair that looked simple and comfortable, but boy was I wrong.

These sliders were so rigid, I couldn’t bend my foot, but eventually I got into the swing of walking in them and they relaxed into the shape of my feet a little bit.

They were easy to slip on and off, and left only slight marks around the tops of my feet at the end of the day.”


Day 2

These plastic sliders aren’t good on a hot day
  • Neon pink sliders, £6, from Primark – buy here

WARNING, do not even think about wearing these on a hot day.

The plastic straps on these neon sandals became so hot and sweaty that they stuck to the tops of my feet.

They did end up only rubbing slightly – but plastic covered in perspiration isn’t a trend I want to be rocking this summer.


Day 3

These gladiator sandals left scabs on both legs
  • Gladiator sandals, £6, from Primark – buy here

I NEEDED something a bit sturdier to walk in as my boyfriend and I were going to Bath for the weekend.

Gladiator sandals reinforced with a zip at the back looked like a good option – but I could tell that they were going to rub as soon as I put them on.

I persevered for the greater good. The zip was rigid and dug into the sides of my ankle and left two red scabs on both legs – not pretty.


Day 4

Birkenstocks are notoriously bad for your feet
  • Birkenstocks, £65, from Schuh – buy here

BIRKENSTOCKS are tricky. They look like they should be the most comfortable sandal out there, but they’re renowned for being the opposite. They lulled me into a false sense of security at first, but it didn’t last.

The pain began after 20 minutes. They rubbed my toes so much they caused sores. I had to admit defeat and change into trainers.


Day 5

Abby couldn’t bend her foot properly in these sandals
  • Snakeprint sandals, £35, from Asos – buy here

ANOTHER day, another pair of sandals – and I have to admit that this pair had an unfair disadvantage, as my feet were still traumatised from yesterday’s Birkenstocks.

The toe separation is one of this season’s big shoe trends, no matter how ugly it is. I couldn’t bend my foot properly in these, and the partition became seriously itchy.

I schlepped home with a limp.


Day 6

  • Flip flops, £35, from River Island – buy here

I HAVE a ten-minute walk to the bus stop in the mornings, and knew I was in trouble as soon as I set off.

I legged it when I saw the number 188, but the shoes slipped off.

The driver must have felt sorry for me and waited when he saw me hobbling up the road.

These flip flops rubbed between my toes, but I was more concerned with desperately gripping them to stay on my feet.


Day 7

These were by far the most comfortable shoes
  • Woven shoes, £19.99, from New Look – buy here

WITH my pedicure now in tatters, I went for the only flats that covered my toes, and it was like walking on clouds.

They were secure on my feet, didn’t rub, and my toes were intact by the end of the day. Result.





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