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Furious eurosceptic Italian MEP puts Brussels on alert as he rages at EU in stunning rant


The decision-making process in the EU is “not fit for purpose”, according to Italian MEP Marco Zanni. The furious European politician hit out at the union in an EU Parliament speech over the proposed recovery package. Mr Zanni claimed that the bureaucracy had laid bare the “inefficiencies” of the economic bloc.

He said: “We were told this week there would be a European Council of which we already knew the conclusion.

“No agreement on the so-called recovery plan. and probably a clash between member states.

“Well, this demonstrates the inefficiencies of the European institutions in providing a response to the crisis.

“The Commission made a proposal which was in itself highly inefficient.

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“Three-quarters of the money only coming in 2023

“Three years after the crisis broke.

“When businesses and workers had already lost their jobs.

This is why the decision-making process in the EU is not fit for purpose.”

The intervention comes as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen vowed to do everything she could to ensure an agreement was met on Brexit.

Speaking in the European Parliament, she said: “We are now halfway through these negotiations with five months left to go.

“But we’re definitely not halfway through the work to reach an agreement, little time ahead of us.”

We will do everything in our power to reach an agreement,” she told MEPs.

“We will be constructive, as we’ve always been, and we’re ready to be creative to find common ground with it, even where there seems to be none.”

More to follow…


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