Furious mum posts video of baby daughter sick with measles as warning to ‘anti-vax’ parents following conspiracy theories


AN angry mum has posted a disturbing video of her sick baby daughter in a blunt warning to “anti-vax” parents.

The footage of Fay Sukenik’s sick daughter Shira Goldschmidt shows the young toddler covered in red patches on her face and appears to be in pain when she sneezes.

Poorly Shira was said to have trouble breathing due to contracting measles
Fay Sukenik

Little Shira was hospitalised and had trouble breathing after she contracted measles when she was just seven months old.

The Israeli mum slammed “anti-vax” parents, people who oppose vaccination to the disease, saying they were “hurting our kids because of your choice”.

She added that while Shira was too young to be vaccinated she said her other three children were all up to date.

In Israel, children get their first measles shot when they are one.

Fainy took to Facebook to blast “non vaxxers” for violating her daughter’s health and for being responsible for every breath Shira has found difficult to take.

Infectious disease experts in the US believe anti-vaxers can spread measles to babies outside their immediate communities because even if parents want to vaccinate their kids they could contract the disease before they can get their first shot.

You [anti-vaxers] are hurting our kids because of your choice

Mum Fay Sukenik on Facebook

She later told CNN: “I’m so angry and so frustrated. On Facebook, I wrote to the anti-vaxers, ‘you are hurting our kids because of your choice’.”

Going online she wrote in Hebrew: “Let’s talk for a moment about freedom of choice for those who believe that vaccinations are Satan and the source of all evil.

“It should be stated that they have a right to believe in anything they choose, but we should also talk about the price that others pay so that they can act as they please – not vaccinate and continue to travel around the world freely.”

There have been almost 4,000 cases of measles in Israel since March 2018, according to reports.

Fay said she wanted to raise awareness of the issue.

She wrote online in December:  “A seven-month-old baby is lying in front of me and suffering from something that should have long ago disappeared from the world.

“And returns to Israel during this period mainly because of the non-vaccinated.”

She told how her baby girl had spent a day in A&E having transfusions in an isolated room and had difficulty eating, drinking and sleeping.

Fay told people who do not want to get vaccinated: “Please mark yourselves and your children with big signs that say this is your decision.”

Fortunately now Shira is making a good recovery and has started walking and is reportedly “happy” although her parents have been warned there is a risk she could still experience complications from the virus in the future.

Fay said Shira is now making a good recovery
Facebook / Fay Sukenik
Shira before she contracted the disease
Facebook / Fay Sukenik
Fay went online to slam ‘anti-vax’ parents
Facebook / Fay Sukenik
There have been nearly 4,000 cases of measles in Israel since March 2018, reports say
Facebook / Fay Sukenik

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