Game of Thrones Red Wedding: George RR Martin speaks on SPECIFIC historical inspiration


In A Storm of Swords, the third novel in A Song of Ice and Fire, Martin wrote the Red Wedding scene. Also portrayed in the Game of Thrones TV show, this bloody event saw a number of prominent Starks murdered by the Boltons and Freys. A shock in the narrative, the 70-year-old author has previously said the scene was inspired by real Scottish history. And now he’s specified which more “colourful” account was one he particularly inspired him.

Speaking at a Q&A promoting Fire & Blood in London on Thursday, Martin spoke of The Black Dinner.

According to The Wertzone Blog, who was in attendance, it was the account that saw “the doomed clan leaders were serenaded with a death march song and had a black boar’s head (the symbol of death) served to them at dinner before their execution, which most historians now seem to believe was a total fabrication (‘But it sounded better’).

“His Red Wedding was the Black Dinner ‘turned up to 11’ but the TV version was ‘turned up to 14.’”

1. The Winds of Winter
2. Dunk & Egg IV (either The She-Wolves or The Village Hero)
3. A Dream of Spring
4. Dunk & Egg V (either The Village Hero or The She-Wolves)
5. Fire & Blood II


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