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Gemma Atkinson addresses issue with working on Steph McGovern's show: 'Causes problems'

Gemma Atkinson, 35, revealed she was experiencing chronic back pain after spending extended hours of time sitting down while filming Steph’s Packed Lunch with colleague Steph McGovern. The TV presenter explained that travelling to Leeds and sitting down while filming the talk show had caused her back to become “really tight” and she is now incorporating more glute exercises in her home gym to help aid recovery.

Gemma filmed herself in the midst of an early morning workout as she told her 1.5 million Instagram followers: “Morning, so I’ve made a point recently of training glutes more so, not even training, activating my glutes more so than usual, because twice a week obviously I’m doing Steph’s Packed Lunch. 

“So driving to Leeds in the car, I’m sat down in the studio, on my little bench, for two hours, drive to Manchester, sat down again, I’m in the radio station, sat down, four hours.

“I try and stand up as much as I can, my lower back is really tight,” she added.

The actress captioned the story, explaining her hip flexors were “tight” from sitting down often and this, in turn, caused her “heaps of pain”.

“It’s because my hip flexors are bad, from being sat all the time, so, I’ve got physio this afternoon, and I’m activating my glutes, much as possible, so I’m going to post on my grid what I did today.”

It comes as Gemma recently showed off her stained “autumnal” jumper to the camera after accidentally spilling her morning caffeine fix while on the way to the Leeds Channel 4 studio.

The star expressed panic over the unfortunate incident, as she only had brought “one outfit to wear” on the programme.

Gemma said: “I’m doing Steph’s Packed Lunch today and I’ve just arrived in Leeds to go for hair and makeup.

Hilariously, Gemma pretended that the “face” on her jumper could talk, as she continued: “Ey b*tch why you going to spill me on your jumper, it serves you right having too many coffees!”

Once the star made it into the studio, thankfully she was saved after discovering a spare T-shirt in her wardrobe from a previous taping.

Looking relieved, she said: “I’m saved, I’m saved.”

Gemma explained: “This was in my dressing room from yesterday, so it smells, but it don’t matter, you can’t smell through the TV. 


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