George RR Martin reveals he’ll write THIS between Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring


The 70-year-old Game of Thrones author is still working on The Winds of Winter, with next year hopefully being the release date. However, he still has A Dream of Spring to go to conclude A Song of Ice and Fire. Nevertheless, Martin has now revealed what book he plans to write in between the two. The author took part in a Q&A to promote Fire & Blood in London on Thursday evening.

The Wertzone Blog was in attendance and noted his planned writing schedule, without release dates, going forwards:

1. The Winds of Winter
2. Dunk & Egg IV (either The She-Wolves or The Village Hero)
3. A Dream of Spring
4. Dunk & Egg V (either The Village Hero or The She-Wolves)
5. Fire & Blood II

The blogger also noted: “No dates were mentioned and the order sounded aspirational rather than set in stone.”

Fans of Martin’s work will know that Dunk & Egg are a series of on-going novellas by Martin that are prequels to the main novels.

They follow a hedge knight called Ser Duncan the Tall, who becomes a legendary member of the Kingsguard.

And also his squire known as Egg, who goes on to become King Aegon V Targaryen.


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