German holidaymakers flock to Canary Islands despite pandemic – 'Don't feel guilty at all'

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The recent mutation that arose in the UK has led experts across the world to advise against any unnecessary travel. But, hundreds of Germans are now spending their lockdown vacationing in the sunshine in the Canary Islands, without feeling guilty of the consequences. They are ignoring the advice of the German government in doing so.

At the end of January German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “Everyone realises that this is not the time to travel.”

A German federal government also said: “All citizens are called upon to avoid all professional and private trips that are not absolutely necessary.

“This is particularly focused on tourist trips abroad.”

The British mutation of coronavirus has already been detected in just under a quarter of German’s infected with the disease.

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This has led German authorities to urge all Germans to stay home to avoid the risk of the coronavirus variants spreading.

German media have revealed that not everyone takes this appeal seriously.

German newspaper Der Spiegel said that hundreds of Germans are spending the current lockdown in the Spanish vacation paradise of the Canary Islands.

The paper quoted one German as saying: “Here I have nature, the air, the sun, the sea.

“We wear masks, we adhere to all the rules here.

“We will get tested before the return flight again, and then go into quarantine in Germany.”

Commenting on the influx of German tourists, Spanish tourism secretary María Isabel Méndez Almenara told Der Spiegel: “We have recently had a lot of guests who work online from here.

“Single people, but also families with small children.”

Some scientists are also not enthusiastic about the continuing desire to travel.

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann speaking to Der Spiegel said: “When it comes to vacation trips abroad, that it is still possible makes me stunned.

“We will not be able to get enough people vaccinated before the mutants have a breakthrough.

“This race is long lost.”

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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