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Get the Daily Mail for Kindle or the Daily Mail newspaper iPad app

Get the Daily Mail newspaper iPad app, or the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday for Kindle – and save money!

We’re really sorry we won’t be able to print the Mail in America anymore.   We’ve really appreciated your loyalty, so we’ve come up with two other ways for you to continue enjoying the Mail.


The Daily Mail Newspaper iPad app

On the iPad, the Daily Mail is the same paper you get in Britain, only it appears on a screen, and the pictures look much brighter and sharper.  

You can turn the pages and, better still, zoom in on articles, make the text bigger and even email a story you like to a friend. 

On Saturdays you’ll also get the superb Mail’s Weekend magazine, packed with celebrity interviews and recipes.  But don’t take our word for it.  It’s just $13.99 a month – if you take the Daily Mail Monday to Saturday every week, that’s a saving of more than $45!

Please note, this is the Daily Mail, Monday to Saturday.   It does not include The Mail on Sunday.

To get the Daily Mail newspaper iPad app:

  • Tap on the iPad’s app store icon.
  • Search for ‘Daily Mail newspaper’ or go the ‘News’ category and tap on the ‘Free’ button, then on “Install”.
  • You will need to enter your iTunes account password to download it from the iTunes app store.
  • The app will download automatically to your iPad. To download an edition you will need to purchase a subscription.

Alternatively, visit the iTunes app store on your computer, search for ‘Daily Mail newspaper’ or go to the ‘News’ category, find the app and click on the ‘Get App’ button.  Enter your password to begin installation. Once downloaded, sync your iPad and it will appear on your iPad’s desktop. Once on your iPad, to download/read an edition you will need to purchase a subscription.

If you’re an iPad user download from the app store now!


Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday – and all their supplements – are available on Kindle.

We wish the Kindle could display the pages as they appear in the newspaper, but it can’t.  

Still, you can read all the articles and you can choose which section of the Mail to go to first.

We’re not going to pretend you’ll get as much pleasure as you do reading a copy of the paper, but we’re busy working on a much better version for early in the New Year – an we promise you’ll then get a much better experience. 

And if you’ve got the new Kindle Fire device, please bear with us.   We’re working on an edition for that, too. 

You can get the Mail delivered to your Kindle every day for just $22.99 – that’s less than half what you’re paying now in America for the paper every day.  

Try it FREE for 14 days.  Find out more here.

Please note, the Kindle edition is not available on Kindle Fire – it is the standard Kindle only.


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