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Ghislaine Maxwell accuser shares QAnon messages before deposition unsealed

Ghislaine Maxwell accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre shared a series of QAnon messages hinting at an unfounded global network of powerful pedophiles before the alleged madam’s deposition was unsealed Thursday.

Just hours before the key document was released — despite Maxwell’s long battle to keep it hidden — Giuffre retweeted a photo of young girl and a teddy bear inside a giant “Q.”

“We’ve Awoken, Stop Pedophilia,” read the caption to the image, which Giuffre posted along with a series of hashtags including #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide, a key QAnon phrase.

She used the same hashtag late Thursday as she reshared a message saying #WWG1WGA — the acronym for QAnon’s most central slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.”

In that messaged, she tagged other accusers — and even socialite Paris Hilton.

Giuffre has long been the most outspoken Epstein accuser, also going after Maxwell and Prince Andrew, whom she says she was forced to have sex with three times.

But she is not previously known to have supported QAnon, the conspiracy theory that has claimed that a vast network of people in power are behind a vast pedophile ring — including the viral “pizzagate” conspiracy that falsely claimed one ran out of a Washington, DC, pizza shop. Many social media companies have since moved to try to crack-down on QAnon posts.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine MaxwellPaul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan

“If you’re a Q follower you’ve lost credibility,” one follower, Cynthia Lawson, told her, while another said it “hurts everything you are fighting for.”

“So admire you & 2day is a big day I know … [but] don’t get the Q Memes,” another follower, calling herself The Boudica, replied.

“Protect our children, prosecute pedophiles but a Cult saying Liberals sacrifice & drink babies blood, hasn’t got anything 2 do wi real issues. Q is hurting international agencies tackling sex trafficking.”

In an earlier message Wednesday, Giuffre said she was “very grateful” at the unsealing of the deposition Maxwell made in her now-settled civil defamation lawsuit.

“This journey to justice has taken decades for my fellow abuse survivors and me, including years in which our voices were ignored. Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein did not act alone,” she said.

“With more transparency, I am hopeful that all who helped perpetrate these heinous crimes will be held accountable.”


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