Home News Ghislaine Maxwell slams Virginia Giuffre’s outfit in ‘Mean Girls’ moment: docs

Ghislaine Maxwell slams Virginia Giuffre’s outfit in ‘Mean Girls’ moment: docs

Ghislaine Maxwell’s seven-hour deposition included a true “Mean Girls” moment — when she made a snooty comment about Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s outfit in the infamous Prince Andrew photo.

The 2001 pic allegedly shows Andrew with his hand around Giuffre’s waist and Maxwell grinning in the background at her London apartment.

Giuffre, who wore a low-cut, belly-baring pink tank top and purple iridescent hip huggers in the snap, says the image was taken after Maxwell took her shopping — but the British socialite said the image must be fake because she wouldn’t be caught dead purchasing such an outfit.

“I would never — the outfit doesn’t work at all so,” Maxwell retorted in the 2016 deposition, while seeming to channel her inner Regina George from the 2004 flick “Mean Girls.”

She then reiterated, “I did not take her shopping.”

Giuffre has claimed the photo was snapped the same night she first met the royal — when he sweated all over her at a London night club — then returned to Maxwell’s flat, where the two allegedly had sex for the first of three times.

The 465-page transcript of the deposition — taken as part of Giuffre’s since-settled lawsuit against Maxwell — was unsealed Thursday.


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