Ghislaine Maxwell: The British socialite at the centre of Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal


Ms Giuffre, formerly Roberts, also claims to have had sex with the Duke of York when she was 17 as well as several other of the financier’s famous friends.

She alleges that Miss Maxwell “had sex with underage girls virtually every day” and that her and Epstein’s “whole lives revolved around sex.

The socialite is there in the background of a now notorious photograph of the Duke standing with his arm around Ms Giuffre’s bare midriff, at her own London townhouse. 

She was also pictured alongside him at model Heidi Klum’s “Hookers and Pimps”-themed Halloween party in 2000 in New York

Mis Maxwell is also alleged to have recruited Johanna Sjoberg, then 21, who claims she approached her on her college campus, ostensibly to answer phones, and was later groped by the Duke of York whilst staying at Epstein’s New York mansion in 2001.

Another woman, Maria Farmer, who has claimed to have met Miss Maxwell at an art show in 1995, has alleged that months later, both she and Epstein sexually assaulted before molesting her 15-year-old sister.


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