Giant bear lunges for fish in incredible waterfall pic captured in Best of British photo competition


A SCRAWNY bear pictured trying to gulp down a fish, and an image of colourful ‘rainbow’ homes reflected in a calm river are among a select few finalists in a photo contest.

These and other stunning entries from Brit snappers are among a mind-boggling 448,000 images submitted to the CEWE Photo Awards – one of the world’s largest photography competitions.

‘Bear Fishing’ – a famished bear lunges for its prey in Alaska in this shot by Francesco Rizzato
Francesco Rizzato/CEWE Photo Award
‘Rainbow dwellings’ – colourful riverside houses stand out in the sunshine in this photo by Brian Hennessy
Brian Hennessy/CEWE Photo Award
‘Beach Volleyball’: a woman plays volleyball on the beach in Antigua in James Callaghan’s pic
James Callaghan/CEWE Photo Award
Mike Egerton’s ‘Diving’ is a study in grace and superb timing
Mike Egerton/CEWE Photo Award
Glorious hues of blue and reddish-brown stand out in ‘Journey Up The Sand Dune’ by William Courage
William Courage/CEWE Photo Award
No nerves on show, as students enjoy their ‘Graduation Day’ – snapped by Christopher Ison
Christopher Ison/CEWE Photo Award
He’s Behind You! Irene Waring captures a breaching humpback whale
Irene Waring/CEWE Photo Award

Twenty-five talented British photographers are officially among the best in the world, having beaten hundreds of thousands of others across the globe to make it to the final stage of the CEWE Photo Awards 2019.

The contest, which aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe, was free to enter and open to everybody – from keen amateurs to established professionals.

There were 10 categories for budding photographers, including nature, animals and people.

Brit music photographer Christie Goodwin, who has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry, has joined experts to judge the submissions, with the top ten places to be announced at an awards ceremony in Vienna on September 26.

Matt Benham’s ‘The Road to Winter’ – simple yet eye-catching
Matt Benham/CEWE Photo Award
‘Relaxing at Home’ by photographer Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver/CEWE Photo Award
Aerial shot here, for Thomas Sweetman’s ‘River Bridge Crossing’
Thomas Sweetman/CEWE Photo Award
This close-up pic, of a borage bud, was taken by Geoff du Feu
Geoff du Feu/CEWE Photo Award
Moody shot here, depicting ‘Three Generations’ by Graeme Youngson
Graeme Youngson/CEWE Photo Award
‘Camel Herdsman’ – a camel herdsman attends a wedding ceremony outside Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, in this photo by Veronika Csereiova
Veronika Csereiova/CEWE Photo Award
Perfect action shot above by Tom Hacking, in ‘Gnarly Spill’, showing a surfer shooting out of a churning wave
Tom Hacking/CEWE Photo Award
‘Baby Barbary Macaque’ – a cute monkey looks into the distance from the safety of its mum’s arms in this photo by Renaud Lalluque
Renaud Lalluque/CEWE Photo Award
Outlined in the mist is an early morning snacker – a red stag captured by David Preece
David Preece/CEWE Photo Award
Loads of character in the faces of these 3 workers, enjoying a smoko break at the bottom of the active volcano; Mt. Bromo in Malang, Indonesia in this image by Ben Bardsley-Ball
Ben Bardsley-Ball/CEWE Photo Award
‘Luge’ – Romania’s Valentin Cretu, on his 2nd practice run, ahead of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, in this photo by Mike Egerton
Mike Egerton/CEWE Photo Award
Two holy men in Nepal look towards Veronika Csereiova’s camera
Veronika Csereiova/CEWE Photo Award
‘A Majestic Vietnamese Man’ – Ben Bardsley-Ball took this image while cycling around the beautiful countryside village of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh in Vietnam
Ben Bardsley-Ball/CEWE Photo Award
Elzbieta Dzimitko takes an interesting ‘puffin portrait’ on a misty day in Latrabjarg, Iceland
Elzbieta Dzimitko/CEWE Photo Award
Dubbed ‘Alone’, this eerie grey photo of a yacht in the distance was taken by Norbert Kiss
Norbert Kiss/CEWE Photo Award
‘Fruit & Veg’: pic of a stall holder was taken in a market in Kolkata, India, by Louise Waldron
Louise Waldron/CEWE Photo Award
Richard Windsor snaps a windsurfer practising during a gale on the Isle of Tiree, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
Richard Whitson/CEWE Photo Award
‘Majestic Falcon’: an orange glow lights up this falcon’s wings in London, giving Zsofia Ivanics’ photo a magical look
Zsofia Ivanics/CEWE Photo Award



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