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Giants give season-ticket holders a 2020 break


Giants’ season-ticket holders can essentially get a do-over.

That is what the team told its fan base on Monday, informing season-ticket holders all of them, whether they have already completed a portion or all of their payments, can take off the 2020 season, acknowledging the uncertainty of NFL football amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Even if games are played, there is a strong likelihood those games will take place without fans in attendance at the stadiums throughout the league.

The personal seat license agreements for all season-ticket holders who opt to sit out the 2020 season will remain intact, the Giants said.

This common-sense approach by the Giants, given the havoc coronavirus has created in all corners of society, is enlightened when compared with the way the Mets and Yankees thus far have treated their most loyal customers. Both of New York’s Major League Baseball teams have not exactly made it easy for season ticket holders to get refunds.

Yankees fans must click onto the “Other Options’’ section on their website information page to find “more information and other options, including a refund, please contact your New York Yankees ticket representative or visit your Ticketmaster account, as applicable.” The Mets instruct fans to click on the “Additional Information’’ section in order to submit refund requests and include the warning ““All ticket refunds will result in the forfeiture of bonus credit and priority ticket access.”

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For those who have already paid in full for their Giants season tickets, they have the choice to take the 2020 season off, with the payments applied to their 2021 tickets, or else receive a full refund.

For those enrolled in the four and six-month payment plans, the due date for the next payment is moved back from July 1 to Aug. 14. These season ticket holders also have the option to take off the 2020 season and not purchase their tickets.


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