Girl, 13, dies after stage holding 100 children collapses during dance show in horror clip



In a horrifying video of the incident, rows of children are seen sitting and standing across the stage while taking part in a dance audition.

Suddenly, a section of the stage collapses to send everyone on it crashing to the ground.

The horror event unfolded on Saturday in Zhangzhou, China.

Screams from the event’s organiser are heard echoing through the microphone.

A 13-year-old was later declared dead while 14 others, including five adults, were injured.

According to reports, more than 100 teenagers had turned up to audition for parts in “Lucky Peacock”.

All of the hopefuls had gathered on stage to have a group photo taken when the floor suddenly gave way.

Countless parents who were watching quickly rushed onto the platform to rescue the children.


PLUNGE: The stage collapsed while the children were having a photo taken (Pic: ASIAWIRE)

It took around 20 minutes for emergency services to help them, including one young girl whose leg had become trapped between the stage and the elevated platform rig.

They later said two of the 14 injured were in a serious condition.

Police reportedly arrested three members of staff at the Kunming Queshen Cultural Broadcasting Company, which hosted the audition event.

Initial findings suggest the theatre stage had been crowded.


COLLAPSE: A part of the stage collapsed leaving one child dead (Pic: ASIAWIRE)

But one of the organisers, known only as Yuan, has been quoted in local reports as saying the stage was too “old”.

Investigations are ongoing.

It is not the first time a stage has collapsed while holding crowds of people.

Months ago, a stage carrying hundreds of festival revellers collapsed.


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