Given firms’ shameful failures on security – why should we trust what they do with our private conversations?


Stop snooping

MAYBE you couldn’t care less that total strangers eavesdrop on you chatting, ­arguing or having sex in your home.

Why should anyone trust what firms like Amazon do with the private conversations they record?
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In which case, don’t worry about your Amazon Echo box, or Apple’s Siri.

Everyone else should be uneasy, to say the least, that staff at vast data centres snoop on them.

These gadgets are meant to be activated by a specific trigger word. In fact they are triggered more often than a Twitter snowflake. And given tech firms’ shameful failures on security, why should anyone trust what they do with private conversations they record?

Tory MP Damian Collins wants new laws forcing them to come clean about what data they harvest and destroy it.

He’s dead right. Meanwhile, mind your language in front of Alexa.

Price of lies

IT is scandalous that no one has paid any price for promoting the lies of paedophile fantasist Carl Beech.

No one has paid any price for promoting the lies of paedophile fantasist Carl Beech
PA:Press Association

Cops KNEW his claims were dodgy but illegally secured warrants to search Tory VIPs’ homes anyway, according to the judge who reviewed the disastrous Operation Midland. So why is there no criminal probe into their conduct, as Sir Richard Henriques has demanded?

Who ordered them to get a result from this flimsiest of “evidence”? Why is the failed, discredited ex-Met chief Bernard Hogan-Howe, whose fruitless investigations destroyed so many innocent ­people, now sitting pretty in the Lords?

Why is Labour’s loathsome Tom ­Watson, who abused Parliamentary privilege to spread baseless lies about Tory “paedophiles”, still an MP?

Some should be sacked in shame. Others should be in the dock.

Aid for victims

AFTER all they have been through, the families of the 22 Manchester Arena bombing victims must be given legal aid.

The families of the Manchester Arena victims must be given legal aid
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It is in their interests, and the public’s, that lawyers represent them as a complex inquest probes the outrage next year.

We have been here before. At the ­London Bridge terror inquest the ringleader’s widow had legal aid. His ­victims’ relatives, incredibly, did not.

It’s time the Ministry of Justice stopped short-changing grieving families.

Pound panic

IT was predictable the Pound would fall as No Deal gets closer. And that Remoaners would start to weep and tear their clothes.

Yes, weaker sterling is bad news if you’re off abroad. It’s better news for exporters, jobs and tourism to Britain.

It will rise again once we secure a better deal or come through No Deal with a strong, low-tax, independent economy.

But The Sun did warn it might be bumpy.

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