Goldberg spears Dolph Ziggler in epic return to ring


“Bruh! Goldberg almost killed Ziggler with that spear. Holy s***”

Goldberg fan

The ever-cocky Ziggler baited the 52-year-old ahead of the match in front of the Toronto crowd before firing the first blow with two superkicks. 

But the WWE Hall of Fame legend managed to kick out of both, bringing the crowd firmly on his side. 

In typical fashion, Ziggler screamed at Goldberg to jet up as he hovered above the legend. 

But, Ziggler got more than he bargained for when Goldberg launched himself straight at the blond-haired fop – taking him out in devastating fashion. 

Fans then started chanting Goldberg’s name as he stood over the beaten Ziggler, demanding he finish the match-up. 

Goldberg then delivered his signature Jackhammer and covered – bringing a swift end to the bout. 

The legend’s stunning display was praised on Twitter, with many claiming he was one of the top reasons they tuned into Summer Slam. 

One said: “I don’t even watch wrestling anymore, but I’ll watch Goldberg spear the s*** out of people all day long.”

Another added: “Bruh! Goldberg almost killed Ziggler with that spear. Holy s***.”

A final commenter posted: “Awesome match Goldberg. Ziggler didn’t stand a chance. Fear the spear.” 

The match-up comes after Goldberg made his surprise return to WWE Raw. 

He took The Miz’s place and signed a contract to face Ziggler at the second-biggest event in the WWE calendar. 


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