Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley clashes with Christine McGuinness in social kissing debate as he says ‘men must try it on’


GOOD Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley asked Christine McGuinness if men come on to her during an awkward debate about social kissing today.

The stunning model, 31, was forced to remind the 63-year-old host that she is married as they clashed over whether giving a person a peck on the cheek when you meet should be banned.

Christine McGuinness was forced to remind Richard Madeley that she’s married as they clashed on Good Morning Britain over kissing people you greet

Christine is married to comedian Paddy McGuinness, 45, and appeared on the show to defend hugging and kissing during social gatherings.

But Madeley and Lifestyle expert Ellen Scott insisted that Brits should stick to just giving a stiff handshake.

The host then stumbled over his words as he asked bombshell Christine: “Christine, you’re here to say that it’s great.

“But there must have been times when men have approached you for, there, you know, the kiss, and it’s not innocent. They want to get close and personal?”

Madeley, 63, got extremely awkward when he asked Christine if men try it on with her

She replied: “No not at all. I’m married, I’ve been with my husband for 12 years. And I think that’s quite clear.”

Madeley, who has been compared to Steve Coogan’s alter ego Alan Partridge in the past, replied: “I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about them!”

And Christine reasoned: “I know but I don’t think men would even approach me in that way. Greeting someone I think it’s lovely to give them a kiss and a cuddle. I think it’s a really nice, warm welcome.”

Christine is married to Paddy McGuinness

Ellen Scott and Christine, who is married to Paddy McGuinness[/caption]

She added: “Sometimes people really need a couple. It’s nice!”

Charlotte Hawkins then stepped in to try and break the ice and suggested that there could be other times when people wouldn’t hug, such as during business meetings.

Though Christine was persistent and said: “I hug my accountant! I always do I can’t help it. I don’t see a problem in it. It’s a nice thing to do.”

But Madeley couldn’t get his head around people wanting to be tactile.

Christine is married to presenter Paddy

He went on: “When it started to happen it all felt a bit odd. Like we’re copying the french and Italians.

“I’m sorry to sound xenophobic but it’s not a naturally British thing to do.”

Lifestyle expert Ellen Scott agreed and told viewers she’d rather “wave” at people she meets rather than hug, kiss, or even shake hands.

Christine married Take Me Out host Paddy in 2011 and the couple have three kids.

They live in a £2million Cheshire mansion and Paddy made £367,000 from turning an old pub into five flats.

He converted the town-centre boozer, Gypsy’s Tent, which was empty since 2007 in his hometown Bolton.

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