Google Chrome just cemented its huge lead over Firefox


Google Chrome is the American tech giant’s web client that fiercely competes with numerous rivals to become a user’s preferred browser.

Chrome is available on desktops in addition to Android and iOS smartphones.

If your handset does not come with Chrome pre-installed, obtaining it is as simple as heading to either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store depending on the operating system being harnessed.

Google’s Play Store lists the number of times each app has been installed on devices across the globe.

Chrome was recently updated to show it has achieved over 5 billion downloads, a monstrous figure that surely represents a massive victory for Google.

The number of Chrome installs is far superior to Firefox that is listed as having over 100 million.

While the new achievement from Google’s browser cements its huge lead over Mozilla’s client, it is worth noting Chrome comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones across the globe, skewing the number of people that would have manually obtained it somewhat.

However, Chrome is still only the fifth app on the Play Store to hit such a tally.

Only Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Search have also amassed a higher number of installs.

Google Chrome’s dominance over Firefox is not only present on mobile, though.

Data firm Statista claims as of March 2019, Chrome has a vastly superior desktop browser market share than Mozilla’s client.

Google’s browser was said to have a 69.52 percent share compared to Firefox’s 9.58 percent.

It is worth noting Firefox was said to be more popular on computers than Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Edge and more.

Google has issued Chrome with a number of hefty upgrades this year, the most notable being the implementation of a dark mode, at least on desktops.

Earlier this month the American firm started rolling out the latest version of Chrome, 75, that contains more new features like the ability to suggest “strong” passwords for fans.


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