Google Maps has just received another great Waze feature


Google Maps is easily one of the American tech giant’s most popular pieces of software.

The programme has seemingly always been a pioneer for cutting edge technology since it launched back in February, 2005.

Some of the biggest innovations include the addition of Street View a couple years later and more recently a new AR mode.

Google Maps AR attempts to eliminate any uncertainties when navigating on foot by harnessing new technologies.

A preview edition of Google Maps AR is currently available on all Pixel handsets and harnesses the user’s camera to identify objects and place virtual directions on the user’s display.

For those that typically utilise Google Maps when they are driving, the American tech giant has been working to make doing so an even better experience.

Earlier this year the tech powerhouse added the ability for users to see the location of speed cameras when navigating routes by car.

Now, before the user starts receiving directions Google Maps will display the location of traps along the way.

A further audio cue will also play as the user approaches a speed camera.

However, it appears Google is now bolstering the functionality of Maps by adding the speed limits of roads that will display when a user is navigating while driving.

Android Police reported the feature has been claimed to be live for some UK users in addition to those in the US, Denmark and Poland.

The outlet displayed an image of the addition in action; the functionality is subtle but will surely be useful for drivers who are unsure of a particular speed limit for a road they find themselves on.

The limit is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the Maps interface.

The ability to see the speed limits of roads is already available in Waze, the Israeli map app Google acquired back in 2013.

As noted by Android Police, the American tech giant has not yet confirmed which countries the functionality is available in, suggesting it is still in the process of rolling out.


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