Google Maps update could mean you never get a speeding ticket again – here’s how it works


Google is set to introduce an incredibly useful addition to its Maps software which could prove to be very useful for road users. The Google Maps app is one of the most popular navigation software applications used by drivers across the world. Increasing numbers of smartphones are being used for navigation in vehicles as well as Android Auto software which uses the Google service. Google purchased company Waze in 2013, in a move which would see a number of the popular app’s features come to Maps.

The latest update to Google Maps will now see speed cameras displayed along your route before you receive directions.

An audio cue will be given to motorists approaching a speed camera from the app as well as a notification stating a speed camera is coming up.

What’s more, is that the speed limit of the road will also be displayed in the corner of the screen, giving drivers a reminder.

Android Police revealed that the update is available for some UK drivers and as well as in the US, Denmark, and Poland.

An image shows the speed limit in the bottom left of the corner but it is, however, an American speed limit sign.

Therefore, it could be changed when a mass rollout in the UK could occur which is the red circle with the number in the middle but has not been confirmed. 

This speed limit feature is something that is already available in Waze.

There is no word on when a mass rollout of the features will occur and which countries it will be coming to.

Recently Google Maps also released an AR update which is aiming to reduce any uncertainties of which way to go when navigating the streets.

Huge arrows appear on your screen when you hold it up to let you know exactly which way you need to go.

The software update, available currently on all Pixel handsets, can reduce the ambiguity of which direction you need to head.


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