Google Maps will now show you where speed cameras are


GOOGLE Maps has launched a handy new feature to help you avoid being slapped with a speeding fine.

The navigation app now lets you know when you’re approaching a speeding camera, as well as the speed limit on your current road.


Google Maps will now show you the locations of speed cameras[/caption]

It’ll also show the exact sites of crashes so you can re-plan your routes accordingly.

The features were trialled in the US earlier this year, but are now rolling out to Android and iOS devices across the UK, according to Android Police.

They should hit your phone with a new update to Google Maps in the coming weeks.

A speed limit icon will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen, while speed camera notifications will be scattered across the map.

They’ll also show you the speed limit of your current road (circled in yellow)
Android Police

The app already uses an audio warning to alert you to any speed cameras you’re about to pass.

But the update will be the first time they’re also displayed on the screen.

For crashes on the road, a small icon will appear to warn drivers, potentially within minutes of an accident.

The announcement is welcome news for UK drivers, with over two million Brits caught speeding in 2016.

That figure equates to four people caught breaking speed limits every minute, according to the Home Office.

Many in-car navigation system providers already have a safety camera warning built into their technology, so the popular app is really just catching up with the pack.

Despite a number of new cars now offering in-built sat navs, Google Maps remains one of the most popular services for motorists.

A recent study by the Manifest showed nearly 70 per cent of smartphone owners use Google Maps frequently.

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Google recently apologised for hiding secret microphones in Nest home cameras.

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Do you plan on using the new Google Maps tools? Let us know in the comments!

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