GOP Faces Prospect of Senate Loss on Emergency Declaration


As many as 10 Senate Republicans could support a resolution of disapproval if a vote were held today on President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration on the southern border, according to multiple GOP sources who attended a lunch at which Vice President Mike Pence tried to convince senators to back the president on the issue, Politico has reported.

That’s significantly more than the four Republicans needed to join Democrats to pass the legislation on a simple majority and force Trump to issue his first veto.

There are currently three public “yes” votes among Senate Republicans.

On Tuesday the House passed a resolution to overturn the emergency declaration by a 245-182 vote, with 13 Republicans joining Democrats, according to CNN.

The resolution will next be taken up by the Senate, although it most likely won’t be voted on for several weeks.

Although the majority of the Senate GOP backs Trump, Pence’s explanations did little to change the mind of wavering Republican senators, Politico reported.

Even though Trump’s supporters are confident that not enough Republicans will join Democrats to override a veto, a loss in the first Senate vote would be an embarrassing result for the White House.

Most Republicans who are resisting the emergency declaration are doing so on broader, constitutional grounds.

“I am very worried prudentially about the slippery slope that could occur, emboldening future Democratic presidents to implement radical policies contrary to law and contrary to the constitution,” said GOP Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is undecided and has privately voiced skepticism of Trump’s declaration.

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