Gov. Abbott: Crisis Exists at Texas Border


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott agreed Tuesday there is a crisis at his state’s border with Mexico, and that fencing does work to help alleviate some of the emergency.

“We had thousands of people gathered just across the Texas border in Eagle Pass,” Abbott told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “There is no fence, there is no wall. We had to deploy Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, as well as the National Guard, to make sure this caravan did not come across the border.”

President Donald Trump, with his emergency declaration, has authorized laws already in effect to build fencing to keep people from coming in and bringing drugs, said Abbott.

“A couple weeks ago, there was a massive meth drug bust that took place,” said Abbott. “Last month remember there was more fentanyl, a very dangerous opioid, that was found coming across the border that could have killed every man, woman, and child in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.”

Fencing has already worked in Texas, with structures that have been in place for more than a decade are helping keep people trying to enter illegally out of the country, Abbott added, and fences also kept caravan travelers out of California.

Meanwhile, the governor said he is in New York City today after financiers invited him to make a presentation about how it would be profitable for companies to leave New York and go to Texas.

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