Grammar schools allowed entry to hundreds of pupils despite them not passing 11 plus, FOI finds  


Grammar schools are admitting hundreds of pupils every year despite them not passing the 11 plus, new data suggests.

Freedom of Information (FoI) figures show that more than 750 pupils who did not pass the 11-plus admission test were still awarded a place at a grammar school.

The statistics have been released by Comprehensive Future, an anti-selection campaign group, and represent the academic year 2017/18.

Dr Nuala Burgess, Chair of Comprehensive Future, said. “It seems to us that grammar schools claim they are popular and that their schools are oversubscribed and this is not the case.”

“There’s far more children being allowed in who have failed the 11plus and they turn around and say ‘look how popular and oversubscribed we are’ and it’s through the back door and there’s no scrutiny of their pass rates or an official body looking at them and we seriously think there’s a lot of gaming going on…everyone knows there’s funding per pupil.”


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