Granddad, 90, accidentally eats half a litre of PAINT after mistaking it for YOGURT – and feels fine


A PENSIONER has proven to have quite the iron stomach after he guzzled half a litre of paint thinking that it was yogurt.

Bobby, 90, became a viral hit after his granddaughter posted the hilarious picture of him covered in the mint green paint.

She posted the picture of Bobby with his minty green lips and paint patches on his clothes
Alex video chatted her grandpa to make sure he was ok after his bizarre snack

Alex Stein wrote on Twitter: “Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt.’

Her post has already gathered over 486,000 likes with a collection of hilarious comments.

According to Alex, her plucky grandfather, who has his own Instagram account, was completely fine after his paint binge.

She posted another picture on her wall of her FaceTiming Bobby with the caption: “Update: his stomach’s completely unfazed.”


One follower wrote: “What flavor paint is that?”

Another said: “Rookie move not eating the primer first”

Some joked that it was mint chocolate chip or ‘paintachio’

Some people however have attacked Alex for posting the photo saying that they felt sorry for Bobby.

One woman wrote: That’s not funny – not even remotely. This was one to keep to yourself.”

But she replied with: “He’s just a senile old man who’s over the moon cus people think he’s funny…(& yes, we called poison control, don’t worry!)”

His Instagram bio describes him as: “90 years young.. Single & reDy to mingle.

“Paul McCartney doppelgänger.

“Hobbies include talking about Tom Brady, dancing shirtless and making messes!”

The small pot of paint that Bobby had mistaken for yogurt – which according to Alex he loves
Just some of the hilarious comments that came flooding in
One of Bobby’s selfies on his Instagram page
The 90-year-old is a fan of the filter
Not everyone found the post funny, but Alex seemed to set them straight

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