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Grant Shapps declares with ‘absolute CERTAINTY’ UK will not delay Brexit – ‘It’s CLEAR!’


The Transport Secretary told the coronavirus daily briefing he is certain the UK will not be extending the Brexit transition period. Mr Shapps reiterated that Britain has left the European Union and that the transition period will end in December 2020.

Mr Shapps said: “We leave the transition period at the end of the year and it is this Government’s judgment that the best possible thing we can do for business is to provide it with absolute certainty that we will not be stretching out or extending the transition period in any way, shape or form.

“And that is absolutely the case, the transition period will end at the end of this year.”

Mr Shapps added: “As an independent coastal nation we’re here to represent the interests of businesses and the population in the UK and we’ll make sure that we do that.

“And actually I think by saying now that we’ll have the border… what we’ll be doing on the border, in other words that we’ll be sensible about the way that we introduce this, makes perfect sense.”

He added that “We’re absolutely confident that we’ll have great systems in place, there’s no reason not to”.

More to follow…


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