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Grant Shapps issues warning as he insists 'rule of six' means two households cannot meet


Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Shapps said: “In my family, there’s five of us and if I want to see my parents and have them over at the same time I cannot do that.

“I can’t have seven inside my house or outside my house or go for dinner with them somewhere else either.”

Presenter Charlie Stayt asked: “Even if they’re an established support bubble?”

Mr Shapps continued: “There are just a couple of exemptions, one of which is a support bubble which is a genuine support bubble.

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“If somebody lives on their own and they would otherwise be isolated.

“But broadly speaking, it is now the case that if all five of my family were at home I could not have my parents over at the same time.

“We do have to have a limit and we do have to have clear rules.

“Rather than saying households which was leading to a complication in the rules, the rule of six if very straightforward. You cannot have more than six people whether they are from different households or not.”

Mr Shapps said the UK is doing more tests than France, Italy, Germany and other places.

He said the reason there are pressures on the system is due to schools and universities returning.

While on Sky News, he said the technology for the Government’s “moonshot” plan of 10 million COVID-19 tests a day does not yet exist.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: “We know this isn’t simple to achieve, but we hope it will be possible through technology and new tests to have a test which works by not having to return the sample to a lab.”

He said the Government was hoping to develop a test that provided a result in between 20 minutes and 90 minutes.

“This is technology that, to be perfectly blunt, requires further development – there isn’t a certified test in the world that does this but there are people that are working on prototypes,” he said.


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