Great white shark emerges from shadows to savage prey just inches from diver


The heart-stopping video shows the great white appearing out of the depths of the turquoise blue ocean surrounding Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

In the footage, which was uploaded to Instagram only weeks ago, the giant predator appeared unfazed as it invaded a school of fish.

Seconds later, the shark widely opened its mouth and breached the water in order to feast on a piece of floating prey.

After latching on to the bait, the beast dragged it back under water before chowing down on the meal.

Small clouds of air bubbles can be seen exiting the shark’s mouth.

Despite being so close, diver and cameramen Jalil Najafov went unnoticed by the ocean giant.

And since being uploaded to Jalil’s Instagram page, close to 20,000 people have watched the close encounter.

One person said: “Love seeing all of the sea life together.”


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