Greta Thunberg sets off for the US on carbon neutral yacht, but says she doesn't expect to win over Donald Trump


“If no-one else has succeeded, I’m not that special. I can’t convince everyone, so instead of speaking to me and to the school striking children and teenagers, he should be talking to actual scientists and experts in this area,” she said.

On climate sceptics, she added: “There’s always going to be people who don’t understand or accept the united science, and I will just ignore them, as I’m only acting and communicating on the science.”

Thunberg clutched a metal re-usable water bottle as she boarded the Malizia II this afternoon. The boat is captained by Boris Hermann, a 38-year-old German who has sailed it around the world.

It reportedly cost more than £4m to build and has solar panels and underwater turbines to generate the electricity needed to power the instruments on board. 

There is an emergency combustion engine, in accordance with maritime safety measures, but there are no plans to use it.


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