Home News Gruesome details revealed in death of jogger allegedly murdered by farmer

Gruesome details revealed in death of jogger allegedly murdered by farmer

New court documents allege that the Jonesboro, Arkansas farmer accused of murdering jogger Sydney Sutherland ran her down with his truck before abducting, raping and ultimately killing her.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 28-year-old Quake Lewellyn is currently awaiting a trial in connection with 25-year-old Sutherland’s death in Jackson County.

Documents released late last week claim Lewellyn admitted to ramming Sutherland with his pickup before loading her into the vehicle and driving her to a remote location.

There he admitted to raping her and burying her.

The news of Sutherland’s Aug. 19 disappearance was widespread. A community search party was assembled to look for her.

Affidavit: Killer struck Sydney Sutherland with truck, raped her

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

According to the Democrat-Gazette, the court documents did not reveal the exact manner of death for Sydney Sutherland, other than Lewellyn allegedly admitting to the rape and murder after his arrest.

It’s not clear from local reports if Lewellyn killed Sutherland when he allegedly rammed her with his truck.

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Lewellyn has been charged with kidnapping, rape, and capital murder and is being held without bail, Crime-Online reported.

The state medical examiner had previously ruled Sutherland’s death a homicide and that her cause of death was from “multiple blunt force injuries.”

At a preliminary hearing after Lewellyn’s arrest, an Arkansas State Police agent testified that the suspect saw Sutherland as he was driving on Country Road 41 on August 19 and turned around to pursue her.

Suspect rammed Arkansas jogger Sydney Sutherland with his truck: Affidavit

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas has said that Lewellyn saw Sutherland jogging and quickly turned around to run her down and that the two were somewhat acquainted but didn’t know each other well.

The new court documents filed in Sydney Sutherland’s murder also document how police tracked down Lewellyn and the jogger’s body after she vanished during a run in August, ABC affiliate KATV reported.

“During a consent search of Quake Lewellyn’s phone, agents located a location services application that tracks the phone’s geographical location,” an arrest affidavit explained.

“Approximately an hour after Sutherland was discovered missing, Lewellyn’s location services application indicated that he was at a geographical location approximately 2.36 miles from where Sutherland’s phone was located,” the affidavit said. Her phone was found in a field on August 20.

Sutherland’s body was found Aug. 21, just yards from where the app indicated where Lewellyn was, authorities said in the affidavit.

Court records on alleged killer released in Sydney Sutherland case

The location tracking led authorities to the location of Sydney Sutherland’s body, court documents stated.

Following Sutherland’s disappearance, authorities stated that Lewellyn joined a Facebook group dedicated to finding Sutherland, according to PEOPLE.

Authorities have not clarified the motive that may have driven Lewellyn to allegedly rape and murder Sutherland.

Lewellyn is set to be arraigned on October 29. Prosecutor Henry Boyce and Lewellyn’s attorney Bill James didn’t return messages from the Democrat-Gazette.

According to a probable cause affidavit, an Arkansas State Police investigator stated that Lewellyn spotted Sutherland jogging on Jackson County Road 41 South, more than a mile from her home.

Suspect Allegedly Rammed Ark. Jogger With Truck Before Killing Her, Then Joined Search Party


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