‘Guided missile’ heading towards Nicola Sturgeon as Alex Salmond awaits – Galloway warning

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Mr Salmond’s submission to the Scottish Parliament’s committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints was made public this week. Within the documents, Mr Salmond called for resignations from Scottish Government officials following alleged moves to damage his reputation. Amid the threat to Ms Sturgeon and, therefore, her Scottish independence hopes, Mr Galloway warned serious implications are set for Holyrood.

He said in a tweet: “A guided missile of enormous power is headed towards Holyrood.

“There is no point in taking cover now.

“Shakespeare himself could not have written this drama. A very Scottish play.”

Mr Salmond will appear before a committee after the Scottish Government admitted an internal investigation against him had been unlawful.

Ahead of his appearance, submissions given to the inquiry were made public.

They include serious allegations directed at officials such as Ms Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell and her chief of staff, Liz Lloyd.

As well as accusing some of trying to damage his reputation, one piece of the near 8,000-word document expressed frustration that none of the officials involved had resigned.

He said: “The real cost to the Scottish people runs into many millions of pounds and yet no one in this entire process has uttered the simple words which are necessary on occasions to renew and refresh democratic institutions — ‘I Resign’.

“The committee now has the opportunity to address that position.”

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Ms Sturgeon has denied any wrongdoing and will soon also appear in front of the inquiry.

She said: “What we have not seen is a shred of evidence to back these wild claims up.

“Now, in front of the parliament, the burden of proof is on Alex Salmond.

“It is time for insinuation and assertion to be replaced with actual evidence.”

An SNP spokesman added: “This is just more assertion without a shred of credible evidence.

“Several of the women have already made clear how utterly absurd it is to suggest they were part of a conspiracy to bring him down.

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