Gym fan Alex Trewhitt claims to have a baby’s face in his knee just like Meghan Markle did


KEEP fit fanatic Alex Trewhitt claims to have spotted a baby’s face — in his knee.

The musician, 37, was doing leg exercises at the gym when he saw the phiz peering back at him.

Alex Trewhitt claimed to have spotted a baby’s face in his leg
Alex Trehitt/ Magnus News
Trewhitt was working out at the gym when he saw the face staring at him
Alex Trehitt/ Magnus News

He calls his new tot Neil and says he’s an “only child” — his other knee is baby face free.

Alex said: “I first noticed Neil in the mirror at the gym.

“It was leg day, so I was in the middle of performing squats when I saw a small face ­looking back at me. It took me a little by surprise.”

Neil, of Harrogate, North Yorks, said he immediately thought of the 1990 sci-fi film Total Recall in which a mutant baby lives in a man’s stomach.

He said: “I’ve had a mixed reaction. One friend said Neil looked a bit like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Others have offered congratulations!

“I might see if I can adopt Neil officially but I’m not sure of the proper channels.

“I’ve started to take extra care when kneeling down to tie my shoelaces to look after him.”

Alex’s discovery comes after Royal watchers claimed to have spotted Meghan Markle’s niece in her knee.

William and Kate’s little girl Charlotte was spotted when pregnant Meghan visited a dog charity in London.

Meghan Markle was thought to have Princess Charlotte’s face in her knee
James Whatling
Royal fans claimed to have spotted a baby’s face on Meghan Markle’s knee
James Whatling
Alex Trewhitt has embraced his ‘child’ and even named him Neil


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