Happy St Swithin’s Day 2019! Is it going to rain for 40 days?


WHATEVER the weather is on July 15 it will continue for the next 40 days – according to folklore.

Legend has it that the conditions on St Swithin’s Day will set the tone for the weeks leading up to September, but where did this tale originate from? Here’s the lowdown…


If it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it could be a sign that it will rain for the next 40 days[/caption]

When is St Swithin’s Day 2019?

St Swithin’s Day takes place on July 15 each year.

The tradition goes that whatever the weather is like on that day, be it glorious sunshine or torrential rain, this will carry on for the 40 days that follow, as the rhyme proclaims:

St Swithin’s Day, if it does rain

Full forty days, it will remain

St Swithin’s Day, if it be fair

For forty days, t’will rain no more

St Swithin's Day takes place on July 15 each year, which this year falls on Monday

St Swithin’s Day takes place on July 15 each year, which this year falls on Monday[/caption]

What is the weather forecast for this weekend?

There are expected to be sunny spells on Friday with some scattered showers across the north and east with some thunder too.

But the weekend is expected to be dry with sunny spells, according to the Met Office, but there could be some low hanging cloud around the North Sea areas.

The maximum temperature is predicted to 25C on Saturday, dry in most places with sunshine developing throughout the day.

Sunday will see some early morning clouds but these will life to bring periods of bright sunshine.


Believers of the myth say that the conditions on July 15 will set the tone for the weeks leading up to September[/caption]

Who was St Swithin?

St Swithin, or St Swithun, was a monk who died around 862AD.

Legend has it that he requested to be buried in the churchyard of the Old Minster (cathedral) at Winchester.

He is said to have selected the spot so “the sweet rain from heaven might wet his grave.”

However, when his remains were moved inside the cathedral on July 15, he was so appalled that he made it rain for the following 40 days.


St Swithin was a monk who died around 862AD and is said to have ’caused’ the weather tradition[/caption]

Is there any truth to St Swithin’s Day?

The Met Office addressed the myth on their website.

A spokesperson said: “Unfortunately the weather rhyme which stemmed from this legend just doesn’t stack up.

“Since the start of records in 1861, there has never been a record of 40 dry or 40 wet days in a row following St Swithin’s Day.

“So you can’t make a 40-day forecast out of a rhyme and today’s weather.”



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