Harvey Weinstein's new lawyer says women need to take responsibility for their actions


Harvey Weinstein’s new lawyer has said women need to take responsibility for their actions, as she argued the  #MeToo movement had done a disservice to the sex. 

Donna Rotunno, who specialises in representing men accused of sex crimes, was hired by the disgraced producer along with Damon Cheronis to represent him at his upcoming trial on sexual assault charges.

Ms Rotunno has critcised the #MeToo movement which began after a string of celebrities came forward to make allegations against Mr Weinstein. “I’m not a woman who has ever subscribed to it,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “I believe women are responsible for the choices that they make.”

She added that by representing the movie producer she hoped to promote that stance, “and say to women, ‘Maybe don’t go to the hotel room, maybe we are having a different conversation’”.

It comes as a leaked recording shows Mr Weinstein telling reporters “I’m no sinner” shortly before the allegations against him were first published. 

On the call, two New York Times reporters tell Mr Weinstein they have uncovered “a pattern over three decades of allegations of sexual harassment of multiple women” and offer the producer a chance to respond.


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