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'He is embarrassing you!' Kay Burley erupts at Grant Shapps over free school meals row


Sky News’ Kay Burley demanded the Government should be able to continue to feed disadvantaged children during the summer period. Ms Burley praised Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford for helping raise £20million to help ensure children still get meals during the summer period as families struggle to provide during the coronavirus crisis. The Sky News host lashed out at Travel Secretary Grant Shapps during an interview and claimed the footballer was embarrassing the Government as more should be done to ensure the wellbeing of children during the health crisis.

Ms Burley said: “Marcus Rashford, a sensational footballer, is embarrassing the Government.

“He is saying, please feed 200,000 children a day who would not eat otherwise.”

Mr Shapps then attempted to commend the footballer before the Sky News host interrupted.

Ms Burley said: “No, it is not about him, it is about you.

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“He is embarrassing you, he is organising it and he has helped contribute £20million to the supply of food for youngsters who would not eat otherwise.

“You have removed what you had in place for Easter for the summer holidays, come on.”

Mr Shapps explained he wanted to pay tribute to Mr Rashford’s work and attempted to explain the difficulties of the Government right now regarding feeding children through the summer.

He said: “I do think that people need to also know we are putting £63million into local authorities to help families and kids over the summer holidays.

She said: “No, come on.

“Marcus Rashford is doing everything that he can.

“200,000 kids a day are not going to be eating because you are taking away free school meals.

“Everything else that is going on in the world, global pandemic and the fact that we are on our knees as a country, surely we can feed these kids.”


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